Name Disambiguation

Names are not unique to a person, i.e. multiple people can have the same name. WhoFundsWho, however, can only generate one unique popup per name. So when two or more people in the database have the same name, the popup generated for that name will not make a choice and generate a popup for a specific person.

Instead the popup will contain a link to the current page. On this page is a list of all the names that belong to more than one person in the database, together with instructions on how to generate the popup for those different people.

The general method is to make the ambiguous name more specific and have the extension recognize popups for those more specific names. The user can then type those more specific names in any search engine, and in the search results page will be the now highlighted more specific name along with a link to this page. Simply click on or hover over the highlighted name on the search results page and a popup will be generated.

duplicate namesearch name to use (include scare quotes)details
Christopher Donnelly“Christopher Donnelly WEF”Agenda Contributor for the World Economic Forum.
Christopher Donnelly“Christopher Donnelly Statecraft”British intelligence affiliated person who has worked for the Institute of Statecraft.

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