WhoFundsWho is currently in beta mode. You are welcome to try it out as is. Once testing is complete WhoFundsWho will also be available from the Chrome Webstore.

For now, you can download the zip file needed for manual installation via this link:

(latest update October 5, previous versions won’t work properly anymore)

For instructions on how to use the zip file to manually install the extension see here. The process is simple and only takes a minute.

The extension should work on chromium-based browsers, such as Brave, Chrome, Opera, Edge and Yandex. A Firefox version is not yet available.


Most mobile browsers including Chrome for Android don’t support extensions, or they support only a select few. But some do. One example is the Kiwi browser.


You can also try it on the Yandex mobile browser (iPhone/iPad, Android).

Because Chrome extensions are not optimized for use on Android devices there is however no guarantee that WhoFundsWho will work properly on your mobile device.

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